Compatibility Tool For Windows 11

Compatibility Tool For Windows 11

The Compatibility Tool For Windows 11 is finally back. If you have been reading these posts in order you will know that when I posted here on the 14th of September 2021 the Compatibility Tool For Windows 11 had been removed because it was unreliable. The Compatibility Tool For Windows 11 is now back on Microsoft’s page here. Let’s walk you through it…


compatibility tool windows 11


Click on the banner on the page above (it’s at the bottom of that Microsoft page) to initiate the download. Once it has downloaded, run the program and you are faced with the screen below


All you have to do is click on the check now button underneath the words ‘Introducing Windows 11’.  There is no need to sign in with Microsoft as it suggests. You’ll only get that message if you are running a local account on your computer and not one where you have to sign in with your Microsoft username and password. Click the check now button and your results will be displayed after a short pause.

Compatibility Tool For Windows 11 – Results

As you can see, the PC I’m writing this on isn’t compatible with several things. The secure boot on this PC I have turned off but it would be easy to turn it back on again in the bios. The TPM is the thing I don’t have. For a full explanation of the TPM see my earlier post about it here. Also, the processor isn’t new enough. The latest processors are 11th generation, mine is only generation 3 (almost antique in computer terms). If you click on the ‘see all results’ button it will show you what is right with your computer in Windows 11 eyes. The initial results only show you what is wrong.

Compatibility Tool For Windows 11 – Different Opinions

As an aside, I had a chat with an employee at Currys/PC World today about this. The first chap I spoke to couldn’t tell me if the laptop I was looking at had a TPM in it! All the display machines can’t run the ‘TPM.MSC@ command to check as you need administrator rights to run it. The second chap was under the impression that on the day of release the requirements for running Windows 11 will be magically dropped to allow it to run on PCs that don’t meet these requirements. I am extremely dubious of this, to say the least… Anyway back to the Compatibility Tool For Windows 11


What is right about the PC – Compatibility Tool For Windows 11

This tells you the minimum specs – at least 4GB of RAM, well, no problem there. At least 64GB of disk space. Personally, I’d want at least 128GB just to run windows and deal with all the future updates. I see many disappointed people who have bought laptops with 32GB of storage that struggles to have enough room to run Windows 10!

If you are going to buy a new PC to run Windows 11, make sure it has enough disk space or at least the option to have more storage added. There is a range of cheap laptops out there with ‘eMMC’ storage. The E stands for embedded, it is soldered directly onto the motherboard and more often than not cannot be upgraded. Some of the cheap windows 10 laptops only have 32GB eMMC storage so will not run windows 11.

Clicking on the last box ‘ Device Specifications’ is nothing to get excited about, it just takes you to the notice below.

But, when you run it on a compatible machine, you get this.


So there you have it, the Compatibility Tool For Windows 11 is now been released. As I write this on the 3rd of October 2021 with the Windows 11 release only 2 days away. I wonder how it will go for Microsoft. If they follow the usual pattern of releases, in my humble opinion it’ll be a duffer. I hope I’m wrong as running native Android phone apps on my PC is something I’d like, but we’ll have to wait and see. If you are an early adopter you’ll go for it anyway. But, I think most of my customers will be like the chap I was talking to the other day ‘I’ll give it a year and let other people iron out all the bugs’ wise words methinks…

Windows 11

Not sure about Windows 11? Click a picture below

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