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Broadband Problems and Advice – not so much which deal is better, but more how to get the best from your current broadband supplier. In my experience a lot of companies are very similar; the complete lack of customer service and lots of waiting on the phone!

However, if your broadband is not working that’s when we swing into action. We can check everything including the router and the filters to make sure that is functioning correctly. We can also speak to your broadband supplier on your behalf, with your permission and try to get to the bottom of the problem.

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Broadband Problems and Advice


For broadband problems and advice call now on 07771 588577

A number of issues can affect your broadband speed. Some external issues can be:

How far you are from the exchange.

Your broadband will probably be supplied by your phone line. You may be at the end of a very long bit of copper cable and the speeds to your house may not be good because of this.

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Contention ratio

Contention ratio refers to how many broadband users are sharing the data capacity on your Internet service providers line. For instance, if you’re contention ratio is 20 to 1, that means there are 20 households all using the one line. Standard contention ratios tend to be about 50 to 1 for home users and 20 to 1 for business users. However, BT says that these figures are changing. But, it may still be a factor.

Internal Issues

Also, there can be a myriad of Internal issues.

Not all routers are created equal. And if you have an old router you may not be getting the best speeds from it. Also, your router is supposed to be left on all the time. This is so it can negotiate the fastest speed on your broadband line. If you keep turning it off, it will cause speed issues on your line.


If you have your router on an extension lead from your main phone socket, this will also cause problems. Your Internet service provider likes the router to be plugged into the main socket in the house. You can tell the main socket because it usually has two screws in the front plate that can be removed to find a testing socket behind it.

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These are just a few of the issues that can affect your broadband speed. For a full health check of your broadband and equipment or to discuss Broadband Problems and Advice please call Rob now on 07771 588577. Or email us.


Common Misconceptions

If your computer is running slow it may not actually be your broadband causing the problem. If your computer is taking a long time to start up it may be because it needs a clean up. See clean up and servicing for details.

However, if it is taking a long time to show a webpage, it is more likely to be a broadband issue. Here, we can test the speed of your broadband and see if the problem lies with your computer or equipment or whether the problem actually lies with your supplier.


Thank You

I would like to thank RHCC for all their help with my computer. When I had a problem they were quick, courteous and extremely helpful, managing to restore all my data without loss and provide advice on the purchase of a new machine.
Being a single female, I am always a little wary of inviting strangers into my home, but I had nothing to worry about here, and the gentleman that visited always spoke in plain and simple English to me, so as not to confuse with computer jargon that I really do not understand.



August 18, 2018

We cover many towns including Burgess Hill, Hassocks Worthing, Pulborough, Steyning, Dorking, Cranleigh, Littlehampton, Rustington, and Horsham to name but a few.

broadband problems and advice

broadband problems and advice

We cover many towns including  Billingshurst, Cranleigh, Burgess Hill, Dorking, Hassocks Worthing, Pulborough, Steyning, Haywards Heath, Littlehampton &  Rustington, and Horsham to name but a few.


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