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Data Recovery – Have you erased a file, formatted a disk or hard drive, had a power surge or other mishap? Maybe your computer won’t start and you need the data off it? Data refers to everything you have stored on your computer, such as documents, photos and music.

computer repairs - we come to you

Using the latest programs and tools we can recover your lost data. Data recovery is not something we do at your address. we would visit and collect the faulty drive and take it back to¬†our workshop. Sometimes it’s as easy as plugging in your old hard drive into one of our data recovery machines and reading the data. Other times we have to scan every sector of your hard drive to try and find the data.

Therefore we cannot give accurate times of how long it will take during the data recovery process. But you will be kept informed every step of the way.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data Recovery – Recovered Data

We can put your recovered data onto either a memory stick or hard drive to copy to your machine, or we can supply it on a new external hard drive. Obviously, the cost of the new hard drive is an additional cost to you.

Using advanced algorithms we can recover all types of files from photographs to letters, spreadsheets to academic work, even your emails.

Data Recovery pc repairs we come to you

With data recovery, it is a bit more like a dark art than any other aspect of computing. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of success. Of course, it depends on what has happened to the hard drive with the information on.

Because of this, if we try to recover your data and have no luck then you are only charged a small admin fee to cover our costs.

However, that being said we usually have over 75% success rate in recovering data. And if we can’t help, we can suggest specialist companies which can recover your data in a cleanroom environment.

Computer repairs Data Recovery - we come to you!

Data recovery – How it works

Think of a computer hard drive to be like an old-fashioned record. Imagine a needle going across the record, reading the grooves and playing the music. Where there is a scratch on a record, there is no music there to play. This analogy may help you understand how mechanical hard drives work. If there is a scratch just where the bit of data you want is, the computer cannot find it.

Using advanced software we can try to ‘fill in the gap’ where the data was.


Thank You

I would like to thank RHCC for all their help with my computer. When I had a problem they were quick, courteous and extremely helpful, managing to restore all my data without loss and provide advice on the purchase of a new machine.
Being a single female, I am always a little wary of inviting strangers into my home, but I had nothing to worry about here, and the gentleman that visited always spoke in plain and simple English to me, so as not to confuse with computer jargon that I really do not understand.



August 18, 2018

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