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What if I told you you could have a smart, effective Home CCTV and Smart Cameras solution for about £30 per camera? All of the cameras link to an app that would email you photos when a movement was detected without any subscription fees? This is totally possible, I’ve done it myself…

Echo Dot Smart Device and Camera

Echo Dot Smart Device and Camera which is also smart plug controlled

Some CCTV companies and vendor’s charge a subscription for their service. Some cameras have a memory card inside them so if the thieves steal the camera as well you cannot see the pictures. Whereas this system emails you a selection of photos when movement is detected on the camera without charge. It uses standard email protocol to send you the pictures direct to your email account so you can view them on your computer, tablet or phone…

Sounds too good to be true, right?

But it isn’t. Let me take you through the system I use, using Dlink cameras.

Home CCTV and Smart Cameras
Home CCTV and Smart Cameras external

These are the two models of camera that I use. For those of a technical bent, the internal ones are DCS-932LB1 and the external one is a DCS-2670L. So, now we have established what cameras I use, the big question is:

But what is the quality of the picture?

Home CCTV and Smart Cameras app screenshot
Home CCTV and Smart Camerascamera screenshot
Home CCTV and Smart Cameras external screenshot
The layout of the app
Internal Picture
External Picture

And the pictures are good quality! Here is an enlargement of the external shot with yours truly. Certainly enough to pick me out of a line up of suspects!

Home CCTV and Smart Cameras external close up

Home CCTV and Smart Cameras external close up

Not bad considering the price? Of course, you’ll notice the date and time stamp in the picture of the external camera. The external camera is more expensive but the internal ones more than hold their own in terms of picture quality. Also, as each email has its own time stamp when it is sent to you, you’ll know when it was taken.

How easy is the App to use?

In the above three photos, the first one is of the app. The D-link app is very user-friendly and you just tap on the camera to see what’s happening. In our installation, we set up the app for you and give you a guided tour on how to use it. We can also set up the email notifications for you. Just switch on the cameras as you leave the house. That’s it!

How hard are the cameras to set up?

Setting the cameras up is a fairly easy proposition if you have an understanding of basic Wi-Fi settings. But if you don’t and, let’s not be coy about this, not everybody does, that’s where I come in. If you’re looking for a cheap CCTV set up in either South Surrey or Sussex let me know on either (07771) 588577 or email. That way we can discuss how many cameras you need and the total cost involved. Then I’d visit, set it all up for you, install the app on your smartphone, set up email and you all good to go.

Of course, it won’t stop people breaking into your house if they are hard of thinking! But you will get them on CCTV.

Of course, most thieves seeing the CCTV cameras will hopefully think twice before breaking in.

After all, there are easier targets than a house with a CCTV system.

Where can I use the Home CCTV and Smart Cameras?

Practically anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi signal and a power supply.

Home CCTV and Smart Cameras kitchen screenshot
Garage Home CCTV and Smart Cameras
Lounge me Home CCTV and Smart Cameras
A camera in the Kitchen
A camera in the garage
Me in the Lounge

Of course, they have infrared to and can see in the dark, as in the middle picture of a darkened garage.

Can I link them to my Alexa or smart home?

Yes, by using smart plugs you can tell Alexa to switch the cameras on as you leave the house and turn them off when you get back. For full details of our Smart Home installation service see Smart Device Set Up. Below is my own set up for my sunroom. I have cameras on every access point to the house and in the below picture you can see an Amazon Echo dot hidden in the foliage next to the camera. The camera is more visible, after all, it is a deterrent!

Echo Dot Smart Device and Camera

Home CCTV and Smart Cameras Echo Dot Smart Device and Camera.

If you fancy a Home CCTV and Smart Cameras solution for your home in the Sussex or Surrey area give me a call on 07771 588577 to find out how easy and cost-effective it is!

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Seriously Pleased

SERIOUSLY PLEASED Really quick to get in touch and get an appointment. He obviously really knew what he was talking about and solved the problem straight away. I will definitely use this service again and I have other friends who I gave the contact to who have also been sorted out quickly

A.B. Surrey

December 14, 2019

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