How do I speed up my machine? By adding an SSD

I’ve often been asked how do I speed up my machine? Sometimes, it just needs a cleanup. Also, sometimes it might be a mechanical issue, it all depends. However, there is one thing you can do to speed up your machine which will give it the single biggest speed increase I know and that is to put a solid-state hard drive inside.

Solid-state hard drives make your computer work a lot faster. An awful lot faster, to be sure.

How do I speed up my machine? By adding an SSD
How do I speed up my machine? By adding an SSD
Standard Hard Disk Drive
Solid State Drive

It’s amazing the number of computers supplied today where the processor CPU is not really up to the job. Obviously this isn’t the fault of the customer because most people don’t know the difference in which processor is better than another. This the fault of manufacturers. I know these computers are always built to a price but really manufactures? In my opinion, it just seems that they are trying to make the most amount of money for the least work.

Anyway, rant about manufacturers over.

As I was saying an SSD,  (solid-state drive) is a lot quicker than HDD, (hard disk drive). Look at this video below where I’ve taken two machines one with an SSD and the other with a normal standard HDD and press the power button at the same time. You can see how much quicker the SSD machine boots. In this case, 16 seconds. Also, it’s not just the booting time. Indeed, files and documents load quicker. And programs load quicker. In fact, everything.

It’s the same system. The same computer and the same boot sequence. All I have done is clone the stuff on the HDD to the SSD.

Which is exactly what I would do for you. If you live in the Sussex Surrey area and want me to speed up your machine with a Solid State Drive, SSD, call me on 07771 588577 or Email.

Below, is a table with the advantages and disadvantages of a Solid State Drive. The only real disadvantage, however, is that they cost slightly more.

Power Draw Draws less power and an average of 2 to 3 W of electricity More power draw an average of 6 to 7 W of electricity
Noise No moving parts, therefore, no sound Clicks, whirring and spinning can be heard
Vibration No moving parts, therefore no vibration The disc (platter) spinning can produce vibration
Cost SSD’s are more expensive Store a lot of data cheaply
Heat produced Lower power draw and no moving parts mean very little heat produced While not that significant it produces more heat than an SSD and can contribute to machine overheating
File opening speed Up to 30% faster than the standard HDD Slower than an SSD
Operating system boot time Average 10 to 15 seconds on a new machine Average 30 to 45 seconds

How do I speed up my machine? – The Cost

But it is not as expensive as you would think and will give your machine a new lease of life. Give me a call on (07771) 588577 or email me so we can discuss it further. Cost depends on how much data you have as to the size of the solid-state drive you require. However, the labour cost is the same it’s only the drive price that varies.

Solid State Drive SSD

Solid State Drive SSD

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