PC Repairs during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Call 07771 588577 or email us.


During this tricky time, if you are worried about visitors during the Coronavirus pandemic, I have a solution that might help…

Open home visits

Open home visits


I also offer a Remote Assistance facility which can help you to get your computer back up and running if you have an internet connection.

If you need remote assistance I can use specialist software, for which you can give me permission to perform certain repairs and cleanups remotely.

The way it works;

  1. Call me to discuss the PC Problem
  2. I will then email you a link to download the required software.
  3. Then you give me permission to access your computer via the one time code generated by the software.
  4. I fix the problem and then we remove the software from your computer.

If you are not sure if your problem can be solved remotely, give me a call and we can talk about it on the phone. This way you remain safe and I, being self-employed, still get to work!


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PC Repairs during the Coronavirus scare

Remote Assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic

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