Printer Problems.

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Do you have Printer problems? We can help! Printers are essential equipment these days, and they are great when they are working! The problems start when they don’t. And if your printer is not working, nothing else will do…

Printer Problems

Printer Problems

There can be many reasons a printer can stop working, from mechanical issues to software problems like driver issues. Give us a call and we can help on 07771 588577 or email me.

Sometimes it can be a simple thing of the printer becoming unplugged or it has lost its wifi connection. However, sometimes it not as simple as that! Perhaps it’s a driver issue? Perhaps the spooler service on the computer has stopped. If you are not sure, give us a call. None of us is born with the knowledge of how to fix a printer and our technician has over 20 years experience in the industry so he will get your printer back up and running in no time.

We can even advise you whether it is worth repairing as the cost of printers and all-in-one devices (printer, scanner and copier) has dropped a lot over the years. These days you can buy a cheap printer for under £40.

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Printer Problems



Seriously Pleased

SERIOUSLY PLEASED Really quick to get in touch and get an appointment. He obviously really knew what he was talking about and solved the problem straight away. I will definitely use this service again and I have other friends who I gave the contact to who have also been sorted out quickly

A.B. Surrey

December 14, 2019


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