Windows 11 Release Date

So, we have a date, the Windows 11 Release Date is October 5th 2021. For other bits of windows 11 I have covered, see Windows 11 and Windows 11 news so far. Microsoft still seems to be looking at the TPM ( mentioned in Windows 11 news so far ). But the news is it will be a free update on compatible devices. But with the Microsoft compatibility checker not working at the time of writing, it’s a bit difficult to know if your machine will be compatible.

That said, early adopters will go for it as soon as they can but if you are not desperate, I’d say hang fire for a while and let other people work out the bugs first.

The video below, from the Microsoft youtube channel, doesn’t really tell us much. As will all advertising these days, it’s heavy on selling you a lifestyle but for specifics of Windows 11, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper.



I’ve added a link below to the 2021 Microsoft Windows event. It’s 44 minutes long and it’s a heavy sell. I’ve been around in computing for a while now and while all new windows operating systems are released with heavy fanfare, but only time will tell if they are any good. Obviously, some people are resistant to change. Some, of course, embrace change. But there have been notable successes and some notable duffers. Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 have proved very popular. Windows Vista and Windows 8 were not universally loved to say the least.


Will Windows 11 be any good? Really, the only way is to try it. Some will love it and some will hate it. Some won’t change because their brother’s aunties dog tried it and didn’t like it. But ultimately, it is what works for you and what you find comfortable to work with.

windows 11 release date

Windows 11 release date is October the 5th 2021

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