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If you’re looking for wireless setup and networking help, this page is for you. We realise that not everyone is technically minded and RHCC we recognise that. If you’d like us to set up your wireless router for you, reducing your hassle and saving you time, get in touch.

Don’t feel unhappy that you can’t do it. Nobody is born with the knowledge! We all have to learn our skills through life! And if technology isn’t your thing, let us take the hassle and worry out of it. Give us a call!

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Wireless Set Up and Networking

Router set up

On, or after your date of broadband service activation, we can come to your address, set it up and get it all working for you across all your devices.

These days 99% of all supplied routers from your Internet service provider will have the capability to provide your house with Wi-Fi. However, things are never simple all the time. Occasionally, in your house, you may find dead spots where the wireless doesn’t reach or equipment that won’t connect.

That’s where we can help.

Broadband Router

Broadband Router

Wifi Problems?

Are you having wifi problems? Book a Home Wifi Specialist to visit you at your address, and solve your¬†problem. Are you are finding wifi dead spots in your home? We can perform a site survey and find the wifi dead spots and restore your wifi all throughout your home. Sometimes it may just be repositioning your router. Of course, other times it’s not that simple! A booster or range extender will help. Either way, we can solve your home wireless problems.

If you would like to book a Home Wifi Installation Service, email us or call 07771 588577.

We can also advise on any other Wireless issues you may have whilst carrying out the site survey at your address.

Wireless Set Up and Networking

Wireless Set Up and Networking

Eliminate Dead Spots

Sometimes it can drop out in an extension or anywhere a reinforced steel joist has been used in the construction of the house. There are ways around this, and we can offer the best solution tailored to you.

Sometimes, Powerline home plugs are the answer. These take the broadband signal through the house electrics with the use of inexpensive home plugs.

powerline home plug

Powerline home plug

With one home plug next to your router and the other where the dead spot is, home plugs can feed broadband to the most inaccessible areas. They can even be paired with a range extender to give you a second wireless access point.

Printer installation in my area?

Yes,¬†we can! 95% of the time it’s pretty straightforward to connect your printer to your computer and any other devices you have. However, sometimes it doesn’t work as it should. When that happens, call us and we can set up your wireless printer to work seamlessly with all your devices.

We have a vast experience of Wireless Set Up and Networking.

Whatever wireless problems you have, we can help.

Give Rob a call on 07771 588577 and book your appointment today to solve all your wireless needs!


Thank You

I would like to thank RHCC for all their help with my computer. When I had a problem they were quick, courteous and extremely helpful, managing to restore all my data without loss and provide advice on the purchase of a new machine.
Being a single female, I am always a little wary of inviting strangers into my home, but I had nothing to worry about here, and the gentleman that visited always spoke in plain and simple English to me, so as not to confuse with computer jargon that I really do not understand.



August 18, 2018

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