First look at Windows 11

First look at Windows 11

Okay, first look at Windows 11. I am always what is classed as an early adopter of technology and new things. Personally, I like discovering new things and playing about with new stuff. I think that why I use windows, it has the ability to more than say, a Mac. Don’t get me wrong, Macs are good at what they do, they just don’t do enough for ME. Anyhow, back to the first look at Windows 11.

The big difference is the start button in the middle of the task bar. It still works the same as before but just has a slightly different look. Your most commonly used apps are displayed there. Access it by clicking on it or by hitting the ‘Windows + S’ keys together.


Windows 11 Start Menu

If you click on the ‘all apps’ at the top, this below appears. An alphabetical list of all the apps (programs) appear. So pretty much works the same as before, just a different look. And with this particular release of Windows 11 that can be it’s mantra ‘works the same as before, just a different look’

Windows 11 start menu – First look at Windows 11

I say this particular release because all of the features have not been rolled out yet. Such as the running Android apps in Windows 11. We won’t see this feature until 2022 probably.

Windows 11 search box

windows 11 search box – First look at Windows 11

The search box is still next to the start button but a feature I like is that when you hover over it it shows the last searches you performed. It saves having to type it in again. Computers are supposed to save you time!

Windows 11 folders look

The folder icons as you can see below have been jazed up a bit. Microsoft, like lots of people, go with fashions, and I think they are coming out of there ‘minimalist’ phase. So, we have little pictures on the folders and some colouring in of the Icons. Does it make a difference to the using of the machine? No, but it is a visual difference and some will like it and others hate it.


First look at Windows 11

Widgets in Windows 11

By pressing Windows + W on the keyboard you can get the widgets box up. This isn’t Microsofts first attempt at sidebars and widgets. There is a weather app that is useful but an awful lot of click bait. To customise it, click on your account picture which brings up an additional box where you can customise the things that appear there.

First look at Windows 11


Also you can also customise your interests. This takes you to a web page, below, where you can mark interests. I personally hope they expand the interests because there is not much for me here! But hey, I can’t see myself using this feature much.


First look at Windows 11

When it’s all said and done Windows 11 is a free upgrade if you are running windows 10 and your hardware supports it. Check here for more info on that.

First look at Windows 11 – Conclusions

Yeah, it’s going to be a wait and see as all Microsoft releases are. For the average home user, I’d say give it a year for others to iron out the bugs…

Windows 11

Not sure about Windows 11? Click a picture below

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