How to Change the Start Button Position in Windows 11

How to Change the Start Button Position in Windows 11

The Start button is now in the centre! Yeah, a big change from other versions of Windows. This is how to Change the Start Button Position in Windows 11 if you don’t like it. The big thing you will notice when starting windows 11 is that the start button has migrated to the centre of the taskbar. Indeed, Windows 11 seems to be quite good at first glance but the change of position of the start button might be a deal-breaker for some. The start button has been in the same position for nearly 30 years and, likewise, people don’t like change. So what if I don’t like its new position? This is easily changed…

  • Firstly, right-click on a blank bit of the taskbar
  • Secondly, left-click the ‘Taskbar Settings’ that appears
  • Thirdly, in the Personalisation Taskbar box that appears go to Taskbar behaviours at the bottom
  • Click on the box and, then, the first option is Taskbar alignment
  • You can choose between the centre and left

It’s as simple as that. However, If learning by watching is your method you are in luck. I have created a little video on Youtube. Indeed, below on changing the Start Button Position in Windows 11.

As you can see there is nothing to it. Windows 11 seems to be not so much of a new upgrade, it is more like a rearranging of the furniture. It has a few new bits and, of course, more features to come. But mainly it works in the same way as previous versions of Windows. It just has a new look to get used to. And generally, human beings don’t like change! But personally, I like it!

Windows 11

Not sure about Windows 11? Of course, It is a bit different. But not that much. Most things, indeed, work the same way. My only wish would be to have kept the right-click menu the same as Windows 10. but alas, now we have little pictures and to get to rename, you have to click on ‘show more options’. A minor gripe to be sure. At the time of writing, I have been using windows 11 for a little over a month and I’ve not managed to break it! Yet!

Click a picture below

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