How to install a Blink Sync Module

How to install a Blink Sync Module

So you’ve bought a new blink system? Here is How to install a Blink Sync Module.

The blink system seems a great, cost-effective solution to home security. There is a doorbell module, and indoor and outdoor cameras available for the system along with accessories for it like lights and mounts. Connecting the system is pretty easy but here is a guide on how to install a Blink Sync Module, with step-by-step instructions.

First off, download the blink app from the Play store /App store

Create an account

Then click the plus symbol in the top right-hand corner, and you are then presented with this screen;


add a blink device
Add a Blink Device

Choose the top option that says ‘ Blink Wireless Camera System ‘ ‘ Start with a Sync Module then add a Wireless Cameras ‘

Scan the QR code, it’s on the back of the device

Then once it has found it, create a system name.  This is the name of the overall system, so for instance you could call it ‘ house ‘, that’s if you are setting up a house security system.

Then, if you don’t see the blinking blue light, press the reset on the sync module ( I had to )

connecting the wifi on a sync module
connecting the wifi on a sync module

Then press the discover button. It will ask you to connect to the blink wifi name. Join the blink network.

Then once connected to the blink wifi it will ask you to connect to your home wifi network

blink join wifi
blink join wifi network

now, you’ll see the next screen

add blink module
Add Blink Module

Then, once it’s added, it will check for updates and, 9 times out of 10, update the firmware

updating blink firmware
Updating Blink Firmware

And then you are done. Now it’s just a matter of connecting your Doorbell / Outdoor Camera / Blink Mini camera to it. Click here to Add a camera to the blink system sync module

However, If you’re in my area and you’d like me to pop in and do it for you, please contact me using the options below.

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