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Printer Set up

Setting up your Wifi printer can be pretty straightforward if it all goes well. However, if you are not confident or need a little help you can always call me

Here is a list of requirements for setting up a Wifi Printer

  1. A wireless network: You will need a wireless network with an active internet connection to connect your printer to.


  1. A compatible printer: Make sure that your printer is compatible with wireless printing. Most modern printers have this capability, but it’s always a good idea to check the specifications before purchasing.


  1. Printer drivers and software: You will need to install the appropriate drivers and software for your printer on your computer or device. This will allow your computer to communicate with the printer and send print jobs wirelessly.


  1. A device to print from: You will need a device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet, to send print jobs to the printer.

Indeed if it all goes well, you won’t need this next section!

Troubleshooting your Wifi printer installation

1. Check the basics: Make sure that your printer is, of course, turned on and connected to the same WiFi network as your device⁴.

2. Set your printer as the default printer: Make sure that your printer is set as the default printer on your computer or device¹.

3. Restart all your devices: Indeed, restart can help fix any software glitches that could be causing issues with your wireless printer and connected devices¹.

4. Run the printing troubleshooter: If you’re using Windows, you can run the automated printer troubleshooter in the Get Help app to diagnose and fix common printer issues³.

5. Check router settings: Make sure that your router settings are not interfering with your printer’s connection to the network¹.

6. Update router firmware: Updating your router’s firmware can sometimes resolve connectivity issues¹.

7. Disable VPN connections: If you’re using a VPN, try disabling it temporarily to see if it’s causing issues with your printer’s connection to the network¹.


If you continue to have issues after trying these steps, you may want to contact the manufacturer of your printer for additional support.

If you have successfully set up your printer but now it’s not working, this is for you;

Do you have Printer problems at home?

Is your printer not connecting to your computer?

We can help. Printers are essential equipment these days, and they are great when they are working! Of course, the problems start when they don’t. And, if your printer is not working, nothing else will do. Sometimes, it can be wireless printer problems that stop it from working or maybe you need a wireless printer setup. Perhaps you have a new printer and are looking for printer installation services, we do that too! Indeed, We can set up a new printer and you’ll be printing in no time.

Printer Problems
Printer Problems

There can be many reasons a printer can stop working, from mechanical issues to software problems like driver issues. If you have printer problems, give us a call and we can help on 07771 588577 or email me.

Printer Problems and wireless printer help

Sometimes it can be a simple thing of the printer becoming unplugged or it has lost its wifi connection i.e. printer not talking to the computer. However, sometimes it is not as simple as that! Perhaps it’s a printer driver issue? Perhaps the spooler service on the computer has stopped. If you are not sure, give us a call. None of us is born with the knowledge of how to fix a printer and our technician has over 20 years of experience in the industry so he will perform a printer fix and have you back up and running in no time.

Printer Repair in West Sussex and South Surrey

We can even advise you whether it is worth repairing! Also, the cost of printers and all-in-one devices (printer, scanner and copier) has dropped a lot over the years. These days you can buy a cheap printer for under £40. That, however, means they are not built to last. Manufacturers tend to make money on the ink they sell, as you’ll know when it comes to buying ink! Unbelievably, it costs more by volume than channel No 5 perfume!

Printer problems sorted in your home – we come to you

We cover many types of printers including Brother, HP, Canon, and Epson, and are ready to help you.


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This article has been put together with the help of ChatGPT. Some of the words are my own article and the newer bits are from chat GPT. This is an experiment and we are measuring the metrics in a bid to make this article as helpful to you as possible!


Printer Problems

Printer Problems sorted ay your home

Testimonials from our happy customers


Good evening Rob,

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for resolving our IT issues today. Great service.


Kind regards,

H E. Horsted Keynes


Laptop Setup

Brilliant Rob

We were at a wine club with M and A last night, and we all agreed you know what you’re doing, much appreciated

Have a great weekend,

Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex


Data Transfer

‘We bought a new laptop and were going to transfer files from our old laptop (which kept freezing) but were unable to.  Rob sorted this problem out very efficiently.’


West Sussex



Hi Rob,

Just to say many thanks for your help today.

Best wishes,

Y.H. BN6



Seriously Pleased

SERIOUSLY PLEASED Really quick to get in touch and get an appointment. He obviously really knew what he was talking about and solved the problem straight away. I will definitely use this service again and I have other friends who I gave the contact to who have also been sorted out quickly

A.B. Surrey


Business and Personal Computers

Business and Personal Computers

I have been using Rob’s services for years now for my business and personal computers. Every problem I have set him, some big and some small, has been attended to in an efficient, friendly and business-like manner with a positive outcome. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

A.L. Rustington


So much faster

So much faster

Thank you again for the great job you did on the computer, it’s so much faster!

many thanks




Thank You

Thank You

I would like to thank RHCC for all their help with my computer. When I had a problem they were quick, courteous and extremely helpful, managing to restore all my data without loss and provide advice on the purchase of a new machine.
Being a single female, I am always a little wary of inviting strangers into my home, but I had nothing to worry about here, and the gentleman that visited always spoke in plain and simple English to me, so as not to confuse with computer jargon that I really do not understand.

R.S Hassocks


Quick Response

Quick Response

Dear Rob

Thank you again for your help and quick response

Best Regards

GD Mid Sussex


Very Fair Invoice

Very Fair Invoice

Thank you so much for coming so promptly and for sorting out my ageing pc! Thank you too for your very fair invoice. It made the frustration of being locked out of my machine a little less frustrating.

JH, Hassocks



Five Stars!

Five Stars!

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my PC. When you took the hard drive away with you to fix I was convinced that I was going to lose all my data and that this was going to be a rather time-consuming and very costly job, which you proved to be false.
The PC runs very well now and I appreciate all the hard work and suggestions you have given me, and after having the spyware software installed this has made a big difference to us, and I believe we are more conscious when we are surfing the net.
I will be recommending you to anyone that needs advice or work done to their own computers.
Thank you again for the hard work and the efficient manner it was dealt with.

S.E. Rustington



Great Service

Thank you so much for your assistance with my PC. I was very impressed by the speed of your response and professionalism. I have had no further problems with my PC and was so relieved that you managed to recover so much of my data. To top it all off I was pleasantly surprised by how reasonable the bill was.
Personally, I will not be using any other service from now on and I am happy to recommend you to my friends and colleagues.
Thank you again.

M.P. Hove



Satisfied Customer

Satisfied Customer

Thank you yet again for your help, you’re worth your weight in gold.





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