Smart Device Set Up

Smart Device SetUp.

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If you are looking to get your smart device set up in Sussex or South Surrey we can do that for you.

What is a Smart Device?

A smart device is something that you interact with which will then carry out an action in your home. This can range from turning on lights via voice command to adjusting the temperature in your home when you are away from it.

Echo Dot Smart Device and Camera
Echo Dot Smart Device and Camera which is also smart plug controlled

What do Smart Devices do?

Smart devices are becoming wider-ranging in their applications. For example, you can now get robot vacuum cleaners (I use a Roomba) that you can control by your voice,  Smart plugs which can turn on any electrical device plugged into a three-pin socket, and security cameras that turn on by voice command when you leave the house.

In fact,

  • light bulbs,
  • thermostats,
  • printers,
  • radios,
  • weather stations
  • vacuum cleaners

and even water valves that you can turn on with your voice to water your garden. And while you’re in your garden you can have a robotic lawnmower to mow your grass.

The devices are fairly easy to set up but if you have trouble, that’s what we’re there for, to help set up your smart home devices in West Sussex, South Surrey and surrounding areas.

A video of an Alexa, TV voice-activated setup.

The Daddy of all smart devices – Alexa

smart device set up
smart device set up

What do I need for Smart Device Set Up?

The one thing you need to run your smart devices is Wi-Fi in your home. Once your home has good Wi-Fi coverage reaching every room, you can install all manner of smart home devices and automate your life.

The market leader is Amazon. Their Alexa range of smart devices powers a whole host of things. Everything in the above list and more. Personally, this is the range I use to automate my house. I find it handy to turn lights on and off from anywhere in the house. Also to know my weather and news in the morning and also to tell me what the traffic is like on the roads.

If you fancy having a smart device in your house but don’t know where to start, call (07771) 588577 today can get you started on your home automation.

Standard Alexa Echo smart device
Standard Alexa Echo smart device sitting on a windowsill


By combining different items like the Amazon Alexa with lights it can make your life easier. We are familiar with the Phillips Hue range of bulbs and smart accessories.

Hue Smart Switch Smart Device Set up
Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch is an accessory for the Hue Lighting System. Requiring no installation, only connection to your wireless network, this smart wireless dimmer switch can turn your lights on and off or dim and brighten them. The advantage of this which is it can be placed anywhere. As a requires no wiring, it’s ideal for putting by the sofa or anywhere else that makes it more convenient for you. The Philips Hue system is compatible with many home automation systems including Amazon, Google, Apple, Nest, Samsung, and a few others.


This is a Philips Hue wireless motion sensor. Like motion sensors for outdoor lights, this one works indoors and simply turns on the light in the room as you walk in. Because it’s battery-powered it requires no wires or installation and is connected to your lighting system via your home Wi-Fi network. It can be placed anywhere inside your Wi-Fi network including hallways, bathrooms, kitchens in fact anywhere else you want to save money. It includes a light sensor and detects when rooms are vacant and automatically turns off the light. Convenient and eco-friendly.
Smart Device Set Up, Smart Device Set Up
Smart Device Set Up, Smart Device Set Up
The technical name for this is a Philips Hue personal wireless Wi-Fi lighting home automation bridge! But mainly people just call it a bridge. This requires a power source and an ethernet connection to your Wi-Fi network. What this does is control all the above devices and bulbs. It’s the heart and the brain of the Philips system allowing you to control all your devices via the app or voice control.

Why Should I Have Smart Devices?

First and foremost, they make life easier. And who doesn’t want an easy life?

So many automated home appliances are available these days, with more and more coming out regularly. It seems fairly clear this is the way that things are going. And perhaps it’s best to be in on the ground floor in using and understanding these devices…give one a try and if you need help we can do your Smart Device Set Up.

Unless you are unlucky, we will all get old and chances are automation will be far more common then than it is now, so knowing how to work with smart devices may be a big plus when it comes to ordering a large glass of wine in the nursing home!

Smart Plug smart device
Smart Plug – Smart device set up



smart device set up

Smart Device Set Up.


J And B
February 1, 2022

Brilliant Rob

We were at a wine club with M and A last night, and we all agreed you know what you’re doing, much appreciated

Have a great weekend,


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