Windows 11 ???

Windows 11 (and what is known so far)

Windows 11 (and what we know so far) is of course, subject to change, but this is what Microsoft has said so far. It will available around Christmas 2021. You will be able to upgrade for free, from Windows 10.


Windows 11 Home screen
Windows 11 home screen


The full-page where these pictures are from can be found at the Microsoft site, here   New Windows 11 OS | Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft are telling you on this page how wonderful it is. Of course, they are the ones trying to hawk it! But the free upgrade may appeal to some. I have heard that Windows 10 will no longer be supported from 2025 which fits in line with other operating system timelines.

Personally, I am a little disappointed Microsoft were not able to hold to the detail they mentioned when Windows 10 came out – they said it would be the last operating system they release and they would just release updates for it.

How good will Windows 11 be?

Only time will tell. Microsoft in the past have tended to release a good operating system, then a duff one in my opinion. Windows 98, good, Windows 2000? A bit of a duffer. The Same with Windows XP, good, then they followed it up with Vista. The same with Windows 7! Good, and then Windows 8 was released…  Will 11 follow the same pattern?

Should I change?

The industry tends to wait a year before even considering an upgrade. I’ll have it from the word go but I’ll still be running windows 10 on my workshop computers as it’s proved itself to be reliable. As human beings, the older we get the less we like change. Many people will be resistant to it because it is different

Windows 11 logo
Windows 11 logo

System requirements

The minimum system requirements are below, but if you only just meet the requirements, consider upgrading your hardware as it will probably run like a dog on some older machines out there. I consider an I3 or equivalent, 8GB RAM and an SSD to be minimum requirements for windows 10, so we can probably think along those lines.

Windows 11 requirements
Windows 11 requirements


Of course, everything I’ve said above can be taken with a pinch of salt. Until it is released, we won’t know what we are getting!

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