Upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrade to Windows 10

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Upgrade to Windows 10 – Support for Windows 7 has ended. That means no more security updates… You should have been notified about this by your computer in a message on the screen. Depending on the message you see, it says something along the lines of:

upgrade to windows 10 - windows 7 end
upgrade to windows 10 – windows 7 end

Or something like;

upgrade to windows 10 - windows 7 end
upgrade to windows 10 – windows 7 end

Many people will then ask “How do I know which version of Windows I am running?” If your computer start button (bottom left) looks like the one below, it is probably Windows 7.

upgrade to windows 10 - windows 7 end
upgrade to windows 10 – windows 7 end
Windows 7 start button
Windows 7 start button

What is this ‘support’

14 January 2020 was the last day that Microsoft will offer security updates and technical support for computers running Windows 7. It’s the security update aspect of this message which is of most concern. This means that Microsoft won’t be offering any security updates to fix any bugs in Windows 7. Windows 7 has been out a while now and is not as secure as the latest version of Windows.

Certainly, most of the computers affected by the Wannacry Ransomware attack that hit the NHS in 2017 were running Windows 7. And now with support ending for Windows 7, it will be even more vulnerable. As when Windows XP support finished, it means you shouldn’t carry out anything financial (shopping, online banking etc) on your PC after the end date.

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Why should I upgrade?

The short answer is, staying with Windows 7 is less secure and more vulnerable to Viruses and Malware.

So, what are my options?

In brief, you can upgrade. Or not.

That means that Microsoft would like you to upgrade to Windows 10. Because, and it is a demonstrable fact, it is definitely more secure than Windows 7. Windows 10 is now a popular choice and there are now more computers running Windows 10 than running Windows 7. Indeed, Windows 10 is now running on more than 800 million devices worldwide.

However, as human beings, we tend to be a little bit resistant to change!

And, that is why some people don’t like it. Also, it usually takes a couple of weeks to get used to it. I remember when people said they didn’t like it when changing from Windows 98 to Windows XP. Also, people didn’t like the change from Windows XP to Windows 7! And my money is on people saying the same thing whenever the next upgrade comes along!

Indeed, the average life span of a computer is 3-5 years. I know, unbelievably short! It’s here if you fancy some depressive reading! To be fair, I still go to a Windows 98 computer to service it! The old saying, they don’t make them like that any more is still so true! However, we used to pay a lot more for computers. My first computer in 1985 cost £300. that is when £300 meant something! Inflation-adjusted, that is about £900 in today’s terms…

But apart from the look of Windows 10 it still operates in basically the same way as Windows 7.

I have upgraded many, many people to Windows 10 this year. Thanks to the messages appearing on peoples computers. Usually, after a while, it becomes a case of ‘what was I worried about?’ On an upgrade to Windows 10, the majority of your icons on your desktop/start screen will still look the same and function exactly as before.

Windows 10 upgrade
What an upgrade to Windows 10 looks like

Depending on your Windows 7 system it may be a case that you can just upgrade your operating system to the new Windows 10 without having to buy a new computer. You can run the Windows 10 compatibility tool on your current system to find out if there will be any problems. It can be downloaded from here. Then you can download the upgrade from the Microsoft website and upgrade your PC. But don’t forget to back up your data first as it can go wrong! It’s probably best to make a clone of your hard drive on a spare hard drive so you can go back to how your computer was, exactly.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Of course, you may not feel comfortable doing the upgrade yourself. Truly, nobody is born with the knowledge of how to do this, it is all a learning process. And for me, that is what makes computers fun, learning something new each day! But not everyone has the time or inclination to learn something new.

That’s where somebody like me comes in useful. When I upgrade customers to Windows 10, I make a clone (an exact copy) of their hard drive before doing anything. That way, if something goes wrong in the upgrade procedure, nothing is lost.

Good Example

Just today, I had a call from a customer saying the upgrade had gone wrong (someone else had done it for her). Her problem was that when it reverted back to Windows 7, her ‘Windows Live Mail‘ was not working. I had to give her the bad news that as Microsoft don’t make it anymore, it can’t be re-installed. (click the Windows Live Mail link for more information)

To make it clear, the reason it probably failed to upgrade was insufficient disk space on the computer, I gauged this from what she said on the phone. It doesn’t usually go wrong. But I believe ‘plan for the worst and it will never happen’!

It’s for these reasons I make a clone of the existing hard drive. I always tell people it is an overnight job, sometimes 24 hours, as to make the clone and then to upgrade the PC to Windows 10, does take a while. Because it is done at the workshop, it is priced at a job rate, usually £80. Whilst, they may sound a lot, it comes with security.

No data loss, the job done well, and a guided tour of Windows 10 after. Yes, I’ll show you around Windows 10 and answer any questions you may have. I know, not at all like PC World or Currys!

That being said most people doing the upgrade to Windows 10 have no problems, it goes through fine. But doing it is highly recommended by Microsoft.

Other upgrades

We perform all sorts of Hardware and Software upgrades for your computer. Below is a video showing an upgrade to Windows 10 with a Solid State Drive Upgrade. By combining an Upgrade to Windows 10 and a Solid State Drive Upgrade we gave the old computer in the video a new lease of life and a huge speed boost!

If this all sounds like too much hassle to do it yourself, call me on 07771 588577 or Email Me, and I can do it all for you, I can perform your upgrade to Windows 10 safely, securely, with no data loss.


J And B
February 1, 2022

Brilliant Rob

We were at a wine club with M and A last night, and we all agreed you know what you’re doing, much appreciated

Have a great weekend,


West Sussex

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