Windows 11 – News So Far

Windows 11 – News So Far

A few bits of news scoured from around the web about Windows 11 – News So Far. This follows on from my original article about Windows 11

Well, there used to be a download from Microsoft, called the Windows 11 compatibility tool. Microsoft launched the tool to help see if your PC was compatible with Windows 11 but they have since pulled it from use after complaints that it was inaccurate. They are promising a new tool and it should be available here when it comes.

Windows 11 and TPM

Some older PCs will not be able to run windows 11. This one I’m typing on will not be able to run it due to not having a TPM chip (Trusted Platform Module 2.0). Yeah, what’s that? I didn’t know either so I looked it up. The TPM chip, it turns out, is a good thing to have! It stores login information that is, allegedly, impossible to hack. Checking to see if you have this is not straightforward.

Press the Windows and R keys together

This brings up this box below,

Type in the box tpm.msc

TPM check

Then press ok.

Another box will appear

tpm check 2

TPM is not found?

This is the box you will get if you have no TPM chip or the TPM is not found. Confusingly, this is also the box you will get if you have the TPM turned off in the BIOS. To check this you need to restart your PC and get into the UEFI BIOS settings. This process is different on every PC so refer to your documentation or the manufacturer’s website.. Common ways to get into it are pressing F2 or Del key when the computer starts up. Look through all the settings in the bios to see whether there is a reference to TPM or Trusted Platform Support and enable it.

There, told you it wasn’t straightforward.

If you do have one, you’ll get this box;


If you get this box it is one of the signs that Windows 11 can run on your PC but until Microsoft release their tool again, you won’t know if you can run the rest. Keep Checking the Windows 11 website for when it is released again. You can click on the picture below which will take you to the website.

Compatibility Checker
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Windows 11 – News So Far

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